What We Do?

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Feed and Play

The house-sitter will visit your pets at your home to feed, walk and play with them for about an hour at a time, usually once or twice a day as necessary.

Standard House-sit

This is house-sitting in the more traditional sense. The sitter will sleep over, feed, walk and play with your pets, while still attending to their usual daytime responsibilities such as work or university.

Intensive house-sit

This option is for pets that need near constant care and attention. The house-sitter will be at your home the whole time and will only leave if absolutely necessary for time periods that are discussed beforehand.

Feed and Play

Cost Effective

From R65/ visit

~1 hr




Standard House-sit

Best Choice

FROM R265/ night

Sleep Over




Intensive House-sit

Constant Care

From R365/ night

24hr Care

Always in contact

Only leave if absolutely necessary

Perfect for nervous pets

120 +

Loved Pets

50 +

Happy Clients

950 +


150 +



House-sitting Cape Town Logo

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Why do I need a house-sitter?

Whenever you leave your home, your pets miss you!

Having someone around that will love your pets and keep up with the habits and routines that your pets are accustomed to is very important in order to minimise the amount of stress that your pets go through.

In my business, your pets are the priority!

Secondly, from a security aspect it is always a good idea to give your house that “lived in” feel.

Therefore having someone around, picking up the mail, turning on lights at night and being around on the weekends helps keep potential criminals at bay.

House-sitting Cape Town Logo