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Thank you for choosing us to look after your pets and home!  Please check out our Facebook and Instagram.

Please fill out the form below to make a house sitting inquiry or if you prefer, contact me on Facebook.

We spend the time finding an available, reliable and trustworthy house-sitter so that you don't have to!


On average you can expect to pay in the region of:

  • R280 per night for a standard sitting. (manual bank transfer qualifies for discount to R265 per night)
  • R400 per night for a more intensive sitting. (manual bank transfer qualifies for discount to R380 per night)
  • R70 per visit on a weekend for a feed+play. (manual bank transfer qualifies for discount to R65 per visit)

Please fill out the form below to make a house-sitting inquiry.  You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm any details and requests.

Please note a 50% deposit is payable to confirm your booking, any cancellations will forfeit the full deposit.  Once you confirm then you are accepting that any changes to the dates will be charged for accordingly (at the quoted rate), and 100% payment will be due for any early returns/cancellations.

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Why do I need a house-sitter?

Whenever you leave your home, your pets miss you!  Having someone around that will love your pets and keep up with the habits and routines that your pets are accustomed to is very important in order to minimise the amount of stress that your pets go through.  In my business, your pets are the priority!

Secondly, from a security aspect it is always a good idea to give your house that "lived in" feel.  Therefore having someone around, picking up the mail, turning on lights at night and being around on the weekends helps keep potential criminals at bay.

What about a pet boarding hotel? Which is Better - Boarding or Sitting?

"To me the obvious choice is live-in pet sitting. It is as close to a normal environment for the pets as possible and is also great insurance against crime. It is my personal choice for my pets." - Dr Ken Tudor

Read the full article here at

How it works...

Submit a house-sitting inquiry on House-sitting.CapeTown.

Once we confirm a house-sitter, an info form will be sent to you to fill out and we will set up a face to face meeting so that you can introduce the house-sitter to your pets, explain the pet's routines and feeding habits, and provide information about the house (preferred vet in case of emergency, alternate emergency number in case you aren't available, alarm, watering plants, post, lights, etc.)  For return customers, only a "refresher" is needed if any details have changed.  We advise first time customers of House-sitting.CapeTown to leave a note pad out for about a week before you leave so that you can jot down things you would like your house-sitter to know about or remember, including feeding/walking habits, quirky house details, what the house-sitter can and can't eat, etc.  These details are entered into a document for the house-sitter to refer to.  That way you can leave your home and be assured that you have told your house-sitter everything they need to know about your pets and home.

Please note that once you confirm then you are accepting that any changes to the dates will be charged for accordingly, and 100% payment will be due for any cancellations.

In the week prior to your departure we will set up a convenient time to pick up the keys, and within 24hrs of your return we will return the keys.


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